Dec McKearney and Sam Martin had watched car restoration shows on television and always wondered why Australia never produced their very own. Dec and Sam own and run “Resto’s and Rods Garage” a successful car restoration business and often spoke about the need for an Aussie version of the hugely successful shows that they were watching from overseas.

In 2015 Dec and Sam came up with the concept for Resto my Ride. Dec, a very skilled car builder and Sam a Marketing Executive combined their resources and committed to producing a pilot show  “Resto my Ride – EJ for EJ”

Within a few short weeks the team garnered the support of some awesome Aussie brands and in only 10 short weeks the restoration of an 1963 EJ Holden was documented,  filmed and gifted to charity and the pilot episode of Resto my Ride was complete.

And that was just the beginning …

Dec and Sam lead the helm each day at Resto’s and Rods Garage. Documenting the transformation of old cars back to their former glory with Irish banter and an Aussie twist.

We have an exceptional team, both in the workshop and in marketing and production. We are the first Australian Resto TV Show and we constantly strive to push the boundaries and expectations of this industry and the automotive category.

And we are a friendly bunch.. so reach out and say hi.