Host of Resto my Ride and Norton Abrasives Pacific Brand Ambassador, Dec McKearney features on the front cover of National Collision Repairer this month.

Owner of Resto’s and Rods Garage and creator and host of Hit TV Series Resto my Ride, Dec is one of the country’s most well-known and Respected Car Restorers.

Dec eats, breaths and sleeps all things Resto. Through Resto my Ride, Dec shares his knowledge and showcases his Resto Skills with the Car Enthusiast Super Fan’s across the globe.

Dec collaborates with the best Automotive Aftermarket Industry partners to ensure he delivers the highest standard of restoration for his Resto’s and Rods clients and delivers the best creative content to showcase the brands that he is passionate about.

Plus, he will jump at the chance get on the front cover of the Industry’s Leading Magazine in support of his partners. And, if you ask us, he looks pretty good in the new Norton get-up!


Custom Entertainment is now in production of Season Two of Resto my Ride.

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