Resto my Ride is an Australian car restoration show.  It chronicles the daily activities of the activities at Bodymaster Prestige Paint and Panel, owned and operated by Dec McKearney and Sam Martin.  The series documents car restorations as well as the people and the stories behind the restoration.

The first project undertaken, An EJ for EJ, was the restoration of a 1962 EJ Holden that was donated to the EJ Whitten Foundation and was auctioned at the Melbourne Grand Final luncheon which was hosted by the EJ Whitten Foundation in September 2015.It will air on Discovery Turbo on April 18th 2017. Series one for the show is currently being filmed.

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Custom Entertainment manage the end to end production of the show. Production, Network negotiations, Public relations, Marketing, Sponsorship acquisition and management and Online and Social Media marketing and talent management are all undertaken by Custom Entertainment.